Deck the Halls Online Schedule

Tomorrow we welcome our seventh anthology into the world. This one has a special place in the eMergent Publishing stall of books, because the original Deck the Halls was the inspiration for what has gone on to become the Literary Mix Tapes imprint (and the Nothing But Flowers and Eighty Nine anthologies, as well as the soon-to-be-released fourth LMT Tiny Dancer).

Deck the Halls: festive tales of fear and cheer is a collection 32 stories including 18 of the original stories and 14 brand new ones.

Tomorrow beginning at 9am we’ll roll out 24 stories for free, for 24 hours, as our continued commitment to provide stories at multiple price points.

Join us on Facebook to raise a virtual glass of mulled wine and celebrate the Australian launch of Deck the Halls.

Tuesday 17th July
9am Touched Rowena Specht-Whyte
10am Drench the School Benjamin Solah
11am Coming Home Rebecca L Dobbie
12pm While You Were Out Sam Adamson
1pm Twenty Five Rebecca Emin
2pm A Jolly Pair Christopher Chartrand
3pm Gays and Commies Graham Storrs
4pm A Better Fit Jen Brubacher
5pm Salvation Nicole Murphy
6pm A Troll For Christmas Jo Hart
7pm Modraniht Kate Sherrod
8pm ‘Til Death Do Us Part Emma Kerry
9pm High Holidays Dale Challener Roe
10pm The Headless Shadow Jonathan Crossfield
11pm Not A Whisper Lily Mulholland

Wednesday 18th July
12am Through The Frosted Window Laura Meyer
1am Lords of the Dance Janette Dalgliesh
2am Midsummer’s Eve S.G. Larner
3am Yuletide Treasure Rob Diaz II
4am Broken Angel Jodi Cleghorn
5am Unfolding Alison Wells
6am Hail The New Trevor Belshaw
7am Softly Sing The Stars Steve Cameron
8am Through Wind and Weather David McDonald

Nothing But Flowers Free on Amazon Kindle for 48 Hours

Nothing But Flowers: Tales of Post-Apocalyptic Love is free for 48 hours on Kindle as part of eMergent Publishing 90 Day Amazon Sales Promotion, from midnight USA (Pacific Time), 9:00am (UK time) and 6:00pm (Australian time) Wednesday 23rd through to Friday 25th.

Created by award-winning editor, Jodi Cleghorn, the anthology was spawned in January 2011 after Cleghorn despairing for musical inspiration for a Valentines Day anthology with a difference, had The Best of Talking Heads playing in the car at the end of a six hour drive from country New South Wales to Brisbane in January 2011. Fifteen minutes from home (Nothing But) Flowers came on and she seized on the concept of post-apocalyptic love stories using the song as a starting point.

Always intrigued by the idea of daisies reclaiming Pizza Huts and yearning for a lawn mower, Cleghorn gave authors free reign over how they used the song, rather than assigning lyrics as individual prompts. Readers will find a Pizza Hut and daisies in differing guises, but no lawn mowers as they traverse a broad cross section of post apocalyptic landscapes and a myriad of characters working out how to love and be loved after the end of the world.

Nothing But Flowers digital edition is available at:

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

All stories were donated by authors and proceeds from all sales prior to June, 2012 are donated to the Grantham Flood Support Fund.

Tiny Dancer Author Nominations

Writers are invited to nominate for one of the ten places available for the 4th Literary Mix Tapes anthology TINY DANCER by leaving a comment below.

The anthology, edited by Jodi Cleghorn and Tanya Bell, is slated for free web release 1st October 2011 (available for sale as an eBook and paperback on the 3rd October).

Tiny Dancer: Shadows at the Stage Door will explore the darker side of stepping into the limelight, using Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” to traverse the entertainment industry: past, present and future. Through the speculative-fiction lens the reader will be given front row seats to the stories of a cast, not exclusive to, ballerinas, concert pianists, street preachers, opera singers, performance poets, comedians, rock bands, bards, vaudeville acts, groupies and any other entertainment professionals our twenty-six writers invite to take centre stage.

The Specifics

  • All stories must be in one of the genres, or sub-genres collected under the broader speculative fiction grouping.
  • Stories must be inspired, influenced or shaped by the nominated song lyric.
  • Stories to be 1500 words +/- 5%
  • Writing begins 17th July for three weeks (18/07 – 07/08)
  • Editing begins 8th August for three weeks (08/08 – 28/08)
  • Nominations for song lyrics must be turned in within 24 hours of official notification of a place in the anthology. (Each writer may nominate in order of preference three lyrics).
  • remuneration is a flat $15.00 payment & contributor copy (or paperback copies in lieu of cash payment)

The Song Lyrics

  1. Blue jean baby
  2. L.A. lady
  3. Seamstress for the band
  4. Pretty eyed, pirate smile,
  5. you’ll marry a music man
  6. Ballerina, you must have seen her
  7. Dancing in the sand
  8. And now she’s in me, always with me,
  9. Tiny dancer in my hand
  10. Jesus freaks out in the street
  11. Handing tickets out for God
  12. Turning back she just laughs
  13. The boulevard is not that bad
  14. Piano man he makes his stand
  15. In the auditorium
  16. Looking on she sings the songs
  17. The words she knows
  18. The tune she hums
  19. But oh how it feels so real
  20. Lying here with no one near
  21. Only you and you can hear me
  22. When I say, softly slowly
  23. Hold me closer tiny dancer
  24. Count the headlights on the highway
  25. Lay me down in sheets of linen
  26. You had a busy day today

Welcoming Tanya Bell

We welcome Tanya Bell to Literary Mix Tapes as our first Associate Editor.

Tanya’s ‘no stone left unturned’ approach to editing, coupled with her skills as a story teller and empathy for the writing process made her the logical choice for the position of Associate Editor.

A self-professed ‘book addict’, Tanya is a graduate of Literature Composition at Griffith University and has worked as a freelance manuscript appraiser. In January this year she was one of the twenty strong team of volunteer readers for 100 Stories for Queensland.

Deck the Halls is Tanya’s first editing brief, preparing the original Literary Mix Tapes’ stories for publication in paperback. Tanya will be joint editor with Jodi Cleghorn on Tiny Dancer, Deck the Halls II and Hotel California (2012).

Tiny Dancer is Coming…

Literary Mix Tapes’ third anthology for 2011 Tiny Dancer will open its doors next week for the crowd-sourced portion of the writer line up. Ten places are available for writers near and far. The nomination post will go live Tuesday 12th July 9am (AEST) and the first ten writers to leave a comment expressing their interest in being involved will be welcomed into the fold.

Tiny Dancer: Shadows at the Stage Door will explore the darker side of stepping into the limelight, using Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” to traverse the entertainment industry: past, present and future. Through the speculative-fiction lens the reader will be given front row seats to the stories of a cast, not exclusive to, ballerinas, concert pianists, street preachers, opera singers, performance poets, comedians, rock bands, bards, vaudeville acts, groupies and any other entertainment professionals  our  twenty-six writers invite to take centre stage.

Writers will be given a three week period to write a 1500 word story in (beginning Monday 17th July), with an additional three week editing period.

Tiny Dancer: Shadows at the Stage Door is slated for release on the 1st October and will feature a front cover by Australian writer and illustrator Andrew McKiernan.

The Low Down on Nothing But Flowers

It’s been a BIG month for Nothing But Flowers. Within hours of being released online the anthology went to #1 in all four categories it was listed in on Amazon UK (Sci-Fi Anthology, Sci-Fi Short Stories, Fantasy Anthology, Fantasy Short Stories) and reached #13 in the general anthology charts there. It also reached #1 in Canada’s Amazon store (in its given categories) and as high as #13 in the US Amazon store.

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Nothing But Flowers Chart Rush Recall

This is one of the things every producer must dread… a recall!

I only discovered several hours ago that there is a major formatting error between the third and fourth stories in Nothing But Flowers. All the text is there… its just leaped from one story into the next (the kind of collaboration I’m not so keen on).

I had hoped the books hadn’t printed yet – but it appears LSI (our awesome printer) was right off the mark in the US and the books ordered on Tuesday have printed and shipped already. I’m unsure about those ordered through the UK. It will definitely involve any purchases made BEFORE the chart rush on Tuesday.

The upshot is… I will replace, free of charge all the books with the defect in them, for any of the purchasers who wish to have a replacement copy. I have no idea how many books this affects.

To obtain the replacement copy you will need to:

a) produce proof of purchase (you are welcome to take a scan or photo of your shipping invoice)

b) provide me with a shipping address for your replacement copy

You can email me your details directly on editor[at]emergent-publishing[dot]com


Other alternatives are:

You may cancel your order (if possible) until the new books are available


I can email a PDF of the two pages in question.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

For the next couple of days the book won’t be available for ordering as the revised file is reviewed and processed at LSI.

LoveSong… and more '89 Music

It was inevitable, playing with music and words, that from words would come music.

We’re incredibly lucky here to have the creative genius and momentum of Jim Bronyaur – who was the second person to throw weight and stories behind Literary Mix Tapes back in December.

Jim’s recorded The Cure’s Lovesong - his story prompt – including a sneak preview of his story in the opening sections of the song.

Willing to put his music where his mouth is – Jim’s willing to record another song.

So we’re turning it over to you folks. What would you like to hear recorded*? Leave a comment below and on Saturday I will tally up the comments and send the winning song over to Jim.

Summerland (King’s X)
What Good Am I? (Bob Dylan)
I Drove All Night (Cindi Lauper)
Lovesong (The Cure)
Lay Your Hands on Me (Bon Jovi)
Don’t Ask Me Why (Eurythmics)
Stand (REM)
Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson)
Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)
Love Shack (B52s)
Cap in Hand (The Proclaimers)
Funky Cold Medina (Tone Loc)
Read Gone Kid (Deacon Blue)
Rock On (Michael Damian)
18 & Life (Skid Row)
Head On (Jesus and Mary Chain)
Tin Machine (Tin Machine)
Fascination Street (The Cure)
We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel)
Toy Soldiers (Martika)
Higher Ground (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
Right Here Waiting For You (Richard Marx)
30 Years in the Bathroom (The Wonderstuff)
Sewing the Seeds of Love (Tears for Fears)
Poison (Alice Cooper)
If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)

*There’s not formal poll – getting twenty six songs into one would be a nightmare!

Valentines Day Collection

A call for submission won’t be far away. The concept has been nailed, the song decided upon and a charity nominated for all the proceeds to go to (if you are a fan on Facebook you’ll be able to work out what all three of these are!)

For now… fearless editor is now collapsing in bed. More tomorrow!