Literary Mix Tapes is the creative brainchild of eMergent Publishing’s co-founder Jodi Cleghorn, inspired by the practice of recording mix tapes on a double tape deck as a teenager in the 80′s and early 90′s.

The anthologies are a cross pollination of music and writing, and has roots in Cleghorn’s search for new ways to inspire fiction and encourage writers to work together. Built on a ‘collective submissions platorm’ and tapping into the crowd-sourcing potential of social media and networking, the anthologies are further proof of eMergent Publishing’s willingness to push the boundaries of the anthology and collaborative work to bring the freshest stories and newest authors to lovers of speculative short fiction.


  • Authors are crowd-sourced via social media, not through an open submission process.
  • Authors are not vetted prior to inclusion; they just have to be fast enough to secure a place when nominations open.
  • Each author is guaranteed as much editorial time as necessary to produce publication ready work after submission.
  • The authors are predominantly emerging authors and many have their first debut publication via Literary Mix Tapes.
  • Stories are written via a collective submissions system across a three week period, where authors work together to produce the best collection of stories, through a combination of peer support, beta reading, line editing and proof reading.
  • Every story is the best possible work of the author, rather than the best possible stories chosen from a public submission process.
  • Increasing numbers of established authors are making their way into LMT’s rank specifically to enjoy and experience the community and conceptual aspects of the projects.

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