From Stage Door Shadows Online Schedule

Saturday eMergent Publishing sets their eighth publication free with the launch of Literary Mix Tapes’s 4th anthology From Stage Door Shadows. The collection, built on the lyrics of Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s Tiny Dancer, features 25 spec-fic stories exploring the dark recesses of the entertainment industry. The stories are by turns horrific, hopeful, humourous and heartbreaking.

Beginning Saturday morning at 9am we’ll roll out all 25 stories for free, for 48 hours, as part of our continued commitment to provide stories at multiple price points. If you stop in to read, please leave the authors a comment.

Join us on Facebook to raise a virtual glass of bubbles, plunder the bowl of M&Ms and follow the launch at Smith’s Alternate Bookstore from 7pm Saturday night.

And don’t forget to pick up your paperback copy now. On Saturday the price goes up!


Saturday 29th September 2012

09:00 INDIGO by Jodi Cleghorn (Blue jean baby)

10:00 MUTED by Jessica Bell (L.A. lady)

11:00 COLOUR OF BLOOD by Cath Barton (Seamstress for the band)

12:00 TINY DANCER by Emma Kerry (Pretty eyed, pirate smile)

13:00 THE MUSIC MAN by Lisamarie Lamb
( You’ll marry a music man)

14:00 LUMINAIRE by Joanne Anderton  (Ballerina, you must have seen her)

15:00 DANCING IN THE SAND by Rebecca L. Dobbie
(Dancing in the sand)

16:00 CANDENTIA by Clive Martyn (And now she’s in me, always with me)

17:00  MUSIC BOX by Laura Eno (And now she’s in me, always with me)

18:00 A LIVING DOLL by Monica Marier 
(Tiny dancer in my hand)

19:00 FEAR IS THE SIN by Alan Baxter

(Jesus freaks out in the street)

20:00 TIME SIGNATURE by Melanie Saward 

(Handing tickets out for God)

21:00 THE GODS ARE JUST by Janette Dalgliesh 

(Turning back she just laughs)

22:00 TORCH SONG by Andrew McKiernan 

(Piano man he makes his stand)

23:00 OPEN AUDITION by Devin Watson (In the auditorium)


Sunday 30th September 2012

00:00 MY MOMENT by Theresa Milstein (Looking on she sings the songs)

01:00 HOUSE OF THE CANTOMANCER by Jennifer Muirhead (The words she knows)

02:00 DISCOVERING THE GIFT by Len Lambert (The tune she hums)

03:00 RITE OF SPRING by Graham Storrs 

(But oh how it feels so real)

04:00 WHITE POPPY SERENADE by S.G. Larner 

(Lying here with no one near)

05:00 SING FOR ME by Laura Meyer 

(Only you and you can hear me)

06:00 THE TWILIGHT DREAM by Tom Dullemond 

( When I say softly, slowly)

07:00 VELVET by J.M. Donellan 

(Hold me closer tiny dancer)

08:00 THE LAST OF THE UNDEAD BEATS by Daniel Wynne
(Count the headlights on the highway)

09:00 THE PERFECT EVENING by Sam Adamson  (Lay me down in sheets of linen)

10:00 LAST ILLUSION by Rus VanWestervelt (You had a busy day today)


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