The Movie Project Launched

We are ecstatic to announce our newest cross platform collaboration… Literary Mix Tapes: The Movie Project, co-managed by Jodi Cleghorn and Devin Watson.

The Movie Project is an ambitious project marrying short stories and short films. From April 1st a selection of LMT authors will be up-skilled for screen adaptations of stories and scriptwriting. Over the Northern Summer, nine film crews on three continents will have three weeks to plan, shoot and produce a short film based on the scripts provided. A tenth script will be available as a wild card entry to film makers across the world.

The core objectives of the project are:

  • To foster greater collaboration between fiction writers, screenwriters, and filmmakers.
  • To provide emerging writers with an opportunity to extend their skills into screenwriting.
  • To provide emerging filmmakers with an opportunity to work with established, published fiction adapted for the screen.
  • To provide emerging filmmakers with an opportunity to have their work distributed globally.

You can read more about the genesis of the project at Moving Images.

The stories selected for adaptation come from Nothing But Flowers and are listed with author and script writer in original anthology order:

SCARECROW MAN (Jodi Cleghorn) adapted by Joanne Anderton
GREY, LIKE STONE (Lily Mulholland) adapted by Jodi Cleghorn
THE GIFT (Emma Newman) adapted by Chris Chartrand
DIANA THE PHOENIX (Christopher Chartrand) adapted by Devin Watson
SOPHIE SOLITAIRE (Maria Kelly) adapted by Janette Dalgliesh
ON THE CORNER OF CLERK STREET (Rebecca Emin) adapted by Paul Servini
DAISY’S CAFE (Sam Adamson) adapted by Paul Anderson
GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY (P.J. Kaiser) adapted by Emma Kerry
THE ROSE GARDEN (Jim Bronyaur) adapted by Dale Challener Roe
DRIVER & THE BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAY (Dan Powell) adapted by Laura Meyer

We will bring you regular updates throughout bootcamp: the good, bad and ugly as our posse of short story writers traverse the unfamiliar terrain of adaptations and script writing.

Are you a film maker? The call for audition tapes will be early to mid May.

7 thoughts on “The Movie Project Launched

  1. So happy and excited to get to see Sophie come to life! Congrats to all the other writers and screenwriters involved in this very exciting project! Hooray for Jodi and Devin, too! :D

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