Tiny Dancer Author Nominations

Writers are invited to nominate for one of the ten places available for the 4th Literary Mix Tapes anthology TINY DANCER by leaving a comment below.

The anthology, edited by Jodi Cleghorn and Tanya Bell, is slated for free web release 1st October 2011 (available for sale as an eBook and paperback on the 3rd October).

Tiny Dancer: Shadows at the Stage Door will explore the darker side of stepping into the limelight, using Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” to traverse the entertainment industry: past, present and future. Through the speculative-fiction lens the reader will be given front row seats to the stories of a cast, not exclusive to, ballerinas, concert pianists, street preachers, opera singers, performance poets, comedians, rock bands, bards, vaudeville acts, groupies and any other entertainment professionals our twenty-six writers invite to take centre stage.

The Specifics

  • All stories must be in one of the genres, or sub-genres collected under the broader speculative fiction grouping.
  • Stories must be inspired, influenced or shaped by the nominated song lyric.
  • Stories to be 1500 words +/- 5%
  • Writing begins 17th July for three weeks (18/07 – 07/08)
  • Editing begins 8th August for three weeks (08/08 – 28/08)
  • Nominations for song lyrics must be turned in within 24 hours of official notification of a place in the anthology. (Each writer may nominate in order of preference three lyrics).
  • remuneration is a flat $15.00 payment & contributor copy (or paperback copies in lieu of cash payment)

The Song Lyrics

  1. Blue jean baby
  2. L.A. lady
  3. Seamstress for the band
  4. Pretty eyed, pirate smile,
  5. you’ll marry a music man
  6. Ballerina, you must have seen her
  7. Dancing in the sand
  8. And now she’s in me, always with me,
  9. Tiny dancer in my hand
  10. Jesus freaks out in the street
  11. Handing tickets out for God
  12. Turning back she just laughs
  13. The boulevard is not that bad
  14. Piano man he makes his stand
  15. In the auditorium
  16. Looking on she sings the songs
  17. The words she knows
  18. The tune she hums
  19. But oh how it feels so real
  20. Lying here with no one near
  21. Only you and you can hear me
  22. When I say, softly slowly
  23. Hold me closer tiny dancer
  24. Count the headlights on the highway
  25. Lay me down in sheets of linen
  26. You had a busy day today

51 thoughts on “Tiny Dancer Author Nominations

    • Welcome LisaMarie – you have our third place. Can you either leave a comment below this one, or email me through your lyric preferences. Email is editor[at]emergent-publishing.com.

      Awesome to have someone high up on the list I don’t previously know. True crowd-sourcing.

    • You’re in Clive! Do you want to leave your preferences in a comment below here – or you can email me editor[at]emergent-publishing.com.

      Most excited to finally get a chance to work with you. It will have been well worth the wait!

      • Bless you Jodi :) looking forward to working with you too.

        My nominations are:

        8. And now she’s in me, always with me,
        12. Turning back she just laughs
        26. You had a busy day today

      • Thanks Jodi. Posting them here seems easier. My lyric preferences are:

        21. Only you and you can hear me
        24. Count the headlights on the highway
        15. In the auditorium

        - Danny.

        • All noted Danny!

          It’s going to be a Brisbane rich anthology with you, me, Stacey, Tanya, Josh, Rebecca, Tom and Jen… and overall lots of Australian writers (I think I tally 12 – which is almost half the writers!)

          • I should add Graham in there for the Greater Brisbane area… and counting up some missing folk from other states… there will be 14 Australian writers in this anth.

          • That’s awesome. I love new writing in general, but I really enjoy local stuff that is set in Brisbane or has a Brisbane theme :) Looking forward to it.

    • Hello! And welcome. You can leave your lyrical preferences below this comment or email me direct on editor[at]emergent-publishing.com. Most awesome to have one of Devin’s friends here!

  1. I’m sorry, I got overexcited and didn’t read the instructions clearly enough. My preferences are:
    17 The Words She Knows
    18 The Tune She Hums
    14 The Piano Man He Makes His Stand

      • Thanks so much, Jodi! :o ) You have mu lyric preferences in an email, but I”ll type them here too, just in case:
        1.Lying here with no one near
        2. Only you and you can hear me
        3. And now she’s in me, always with me

    • You are… by four minutes! Would you be happy to go on a stand by list in the event something happens to one of our writers (which seems to happen every anthology) Keeping with the theatrical-ish theme… to understudy?

      The only thing is if someone does have to pull out you won’t have a choice of lyrical prompt – it will be whichever prompt that person had.

        • It’s always good to have a back up – I’ve just about burnt out my back up writer and she’s actually in this collection, so that won’t work this time. I’m glad it’s a next best alternative. If you don’t need to step up perhaps I can give you wild card entry into a space for one of the other anthologies.

    • Of course you can Nicole! You are more than welcome to come on the stand by list… now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor at seeing you here wanting to be part of this!

    • And another pick myself up off the floor moment! You are more than welcome to be on the stand by list. Holy cow… its not just a star studded line up of authors but a star-studded stand by list.

  2. Wah, I had to work late today and I totally missed out. Your line up looks awesome. I’m already stoked to read the anthology, but so sad I won’t be in it. :(

    It’s a ROCKING idea.