Eighty-Nine in the Making

89June 21st will see the publication of the third Literary Mix Tape collection – simply entitled (at this stage) “Eighty-Nine”. The contributors to “Nothing But Flowers” are invited to submit a song released in 1989 which will provide the first stepping stone in the creation of the next batch of stories.  They will be added to the list below as they come in.

Sit back and watch an anthology in creation.

1989 Playlist

  1. Laura Eno Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)
  2. Maria Kelly Love Shack (B52)
  3. Paul Servini What Good Am I (Bob Dylan)
  4. Icy Sedgwick Lay Your Hands on Me (Bon Jovi)
  5. Rebecca Emin I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)
  6. Jodi Cleghorn Real Gone Kid (Deacon Blue)
  7. Adam Byatt Summerland (King’s X)
  8. Lily Mulholland Funky Cold Medina (Tone Loc)
  9. Sam Adamson Sewing the Seeds of Love (Tears for Fears)
  10. Graham Storrs Tin Machine (Tin Machine)
  11. Rob Diaz Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson)
  12. P.J. Kaiser We Didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel)
  13. Dale Challener Roe Head On (Jesus and Mary Chain)
  14. Susan May James If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher)
  15. Carrie Clevenger Rock On (Michael Damian)
  16. Rebecca Dobbie Toy Soliders (Martika)
  17. Jason Coggins Fascination Street (The Cure)
  18. Jen Brubacher Stand (REM)
  19. Annie Evett Lovesong (The Cure)
  20. Chris Chartrand Higher Ground (The Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
  21. Emma Newman Don’t Ask Me Why (Euythmics)
  22. Jim Bronyaur 18 & Life (Skid Row)
  23. Dan Powell 30 Years in the Bathroom (The Wonderstuff)
  24. Benjamin Solah Right Here Waiting For You (Richard Marx)
  25. Janette Dalgliesh Cap In Hand (The Proclaimers)
  26. Emma Kerry Poison (Alice Cooper)

Image by Vin60 via Flickr.